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Product and electronic development services

Generic engineering services

  • System architecture
  • Firmware (embedded software) and DSP programming
  • Electronic development
  • Mobile/PC Application
  • Mechanic (design to consumer finish looking prototypes)
  • Agile-oriented project management
  • UML System and Software modeling

Specific expertise

  • Audio and signal processing software (Speech processing, Signal extraction and denoising, Synthesis)
  • Audio and signal processing electronic
  • Deployment of script interpreter on low-resource microcontrollers
    (Lua, Micropython, Espruino)
  • AI integration in low-resource microcontrollers (micro-Tensorflow, ELL)
  • Industrial networking (CANbus, RS485, Zigee, Bluetooth, etc)
  • 3D printing (SLA, SLS, MJF, Surface finish)
  • Patent filing aware development process

"We favor a system approch to problem solving. 
Mastering the different aspects of product designs allows us to build the ultimate solutions, quickly and efficiently."

Favorite tools:

Firmware : 
Pretty much any firmware development ecosystem (VSCode, IAR, Keil, MPLAB, NXP MCUXpresso, Cadence Xtensa Xplorer, Qualcomm, Eclipse, etc.)

Electronic cad : KiCad

Mechanical Cad: Fusion 360

3d Printing: Lychee 

Multi-platform application development: JUCE

When relevant, we work with many more. Among them:

    Altium, Orcad, SolidWorks, Freecad, Cura


Phone: +1 (438) 929-5091
[email protected]


7201b Boyer Street
Montreal, QC, H2R 2R6